Chauffeurs in Sussex

It’s not the destination but how you get there. Even when the destination is crucial, whether it’s an important business meeting, a wedding or other big event, the ease and comfort of the journey that took you there is going to have a huge impact on how you feel when you walk through the door. If the journey was a rush, the transport cramped and the atmosphere uncomfortable you’re going to arrive feeling wound-up and other people are going to pick up on that. You want to use your journey, make it a chance to prepare, to relax, and to get into exactly the right mindset you need when you get there.

Here is where we come in. Premier Travel Chauffeurs prides itself on being among the best chauffeurs in Sussex. We provide first class, air conditioned, chauffeur driven cars that are the perfect way to get to the places you need to go. Premier Travel have invested heavily in our fleet so that you can relax and prepare during this valuable period of time while we take care of getting you to your destination. Do you want to use your journey as a chance to catch up on the news? No problem, if you ask we’ll have a daily paper and bottled water waiting for you when you climb aboard. While your driver negotiates the traffic, you can catch up on the news and keep yourself refreshed.

You’ll find our team of chauffeurs are professional and courteous while our vehicles are meticulously prepared before every new booking.
We pride ourselves on providing the best chauffeurs in Sussex, the best cars and the best service, and our hundreds of high profile customers will vouch for us. With a prestige fleet of chauffeur driven passenger vehicles we can give you a first class trip anywhere locally or nationally.

Make the most of your journey to reach the destination you want to get to.